Jiyuan Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctor of Philosophy, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
My research focuses on the electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide and the sustainable utilization of carbon resources. I enjoy traveling and playing badminton in the free time.
Yu Yang, PhD candidate
Master of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
My research topic is catalysts and systems for carbon dioxide electro-conversion. I'm into Chinese calligraphy, mobile gaming.
Jialei Huang, PhD candidate
Master of Engineering, Central South University
My research recently focuses on ammonia decomposition.
Minghao Sun, PhD candidate
Master of Science, Lanzhou University
My research focuses on asymmetric electrocatalysis. I am obsessed with history and badminton.
Wei Zhang, PhD candidate
Master of Science, University College London (UCL)
Hi, I am Wei. My research topic is electrochemical Integrated system for carbon dioxide capture and conversion.
Xue Zhou, visiting PhD
PhD candidate at Tianjing University
My research focuses on electrochemical synthesis of ammonia.
Yaohui Shi, PhD candidate (co-supervision with Prof Jie Zeng, USTC)
PhD candidate at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
I like reading and playing Genshin Impact in my spare time.
Yawen Hao, PhD candidate
Master of Engineering,Shaanxi University of Science and Technology
My research focuses on non-precious metal based electrocatalysts for overall water splitting. I am interested in badminton and reading.
Hannah Jones, Undergraduate Honours
Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Process Intensification 
My research focuses on electrochemical ammonia production and cracking. I have a passion for running and cooking and enjoy spending time with family and friends.
Amy Worsfold, Undergraduate Honours
Bachelor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Jasmine Wang, 3rd year undergraduate internship
Engineering Vacation Research Internship Program
Suvan Shrestha, 3rd year Chemical Engineering Research Intern
Sydney Nano Taste of Research Award
My outside interests include reading and learning new languages.
Dr. Shuzhen Zhang (2020–2023, PhD)
Dr. Yong Zhao (2021, Research Assistant)
Mr. Haowei Zhang (2022–2023, MPhil)
Mr. Dongfang Li (2021–2022, MPhil)
Mr. Sk Mahmud (2019–2022, MPhil)
Dr. Josip Knezevic (2019–2023, supervisor B)
Dr. Tianqi Zhang (2020–2023, supervisor B)
Dr. Aklima Nasrin (2019–2023, supervisor B)
Ms. Jingwen Chi (2023–2024, Honours)
Ms. Jun Wu (2023–2024, Honours)
Ms. Mia Andersen-Cooke (2023, Honours)
Mr. Muhammad Agus Setiawan (2023, Dissertation)
Ms. Melanie Porter (2021, Honours)
Ms. Sharome Umaharan (2022, Honours)
Mr. Haowei Zhang (2021–2022, Honours)
Mr. Shuyi Lou (2022, Honours)
Mr. Xuechen Jing (2020–2021, Honours)
Ms. Kiri Mitchell (2023, MIPPS)
Ms. Anna Wong (2022, MIPPS)
Ms. Yuqing Li (2021, MIPPS)
Ms. Celia Chen (2021, internship)
Mr. Shing Hang Yan (2021, internship)
Mr. Jiacheng Wu (2021, internship)
We are located at Chemical Engineering Building J01, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006.
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